New music guide: The Neu Bulletin (2nd September 2015)

DIY’s daily guide to new music, featuring Ought, Shopping, GREENS and Pat Animals. All real bands. All actual band names.

The Neu Bulletin is a daily update of the most exciting new things DIY’s listening to. Think of it as a stream of recommendations that every so often pops up something spectacular. Most of these are Bandcamp finds, big ups from readers or cheeky submissions that pop out the inbox.

Every day we offer up a choice show, a song of the day (branched under the understated heading “Big Neu Thing”) and a little something extra that’s caught our attention. Check back here every day for your latest Neu Bulletin delivery and follow our ‘Listen’-tag for everything new music related.

Ought and Shopping (DIY Presents)

Manchester, The Deaf Institute

It’s a must-see double-bill at tonight’s DIY Presents and Now Wave gig in Manchester. Ought’s new ’Sun Coming Down’ album represents a step up in uptight, frenetic rock, while London trio Shopping continue to rise the ranks. Bit-by-bit these two bands are taking over.

Pat Animals - EP

They sound innocent on the outside, and it proves true with Pat Animals. Instead of being zookeepers with a soft side, this is the project of an Australian musician specialising in blink-and-you-missed-it subtleties and loop-reliant guitar patterns. Vocals match up with guitar lines in a futuristic flow, coming off like Bon Iver on a space mission. Best of this debut EP is ‘Lazy’, a quick-thinking showcase of minimal pop.

GREENS - Dreampunk

“Eat your greens,” is the phrase drummed into every kid growing up, but this Dallas act didn’t get the message. ‘Dreampunk’ is a straight-up dose of sugar, a blast of effect-drenched noise with sweet-as-it-gets pop undertones. Somewhere between Sleigh Bells’ early production and Tune-Yards’ gobbledigook preference sits GREENS, a vegetable-shunning bolt out of the blue.

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