Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon - That’s The Spirit

Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit

A set of huge songs that’ll cement Bring Me’s place at the top of rock’s ranks.


Over the last decade, Bring Me The Horizon have managed to do the impossible: they’ve transformed themselves from the rough-around-the-edges youngsters of metalcore and overcome every obstacle that’s been thrown their way. Despite what some would call a dubious start - with their youthful efforts seeing them rise to the pack of mid-noughties scene metallers – the past decade has seen them gradually refining their craft. It was with their previous effort ‘Sempiternal’, however, that the group began bridging the gap between the heavy genre they had once dominated and the mainstream spheres which were finally beginning to take notice. With their new album, they’re burning that bridge down entirely.

Where ‘Sempiternal’ saw them honing their aggressive bouts of metal, ‘That’s The Spirit’ sees them creating deliberate, determined anthems, with sights firmly placed on the arenas of the world. From the brooding electronics of opener ‘Doomed’ to the more atmospheric mid-paced ‘Follow You’, the quintet are stepping further out of their comfort zone than ever before. Granted, there are still massive rock songs nestled in the mix – ‘Throne’, in particularly, hits tremendous new highs and previously-released ‘Drown’ is given a reworking that makes it feel even huger – but it’s a full-length that’s much more diverse than first expected.

There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to their fifth effort: Bring Me The Horizon are no longer concerned with the expectations of a scene they’ve seemingly outgrown. This record is a set of huge songs that’ll cement their place at the top of rock’s ranks and so much more.