Listen: Hear Formation’s remix of SOAK’s ‘B A noBody’

The London dance-pop clan take on Bridie Monds-Watson’s slow jam.

Despite just wrapping up a massive support slot on Foals’ latest European run, Formation aren’t stopping for breath - this morning they’ve revealed a re-work of SOAK’s heartfelt acoustic number ‘B a noBody’.

Stripping back the delicate, finger-picked guitar lines of the original, it builds a 4/4, deep-house housing for Bridie Monds-Watson’s musings. The lyrical refrain of “come on, come on, be a nobody” remains intact, though in its new dressing seems less a lovelorn whimper and more a uniting force for dancefloor anonymity.

Stream the remix below, and catch up with DIY’s chat with Formation here.


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