Album Review: City and Colour - If I Should Go Before You

City and Colour - If I Should Go Before You


It’s always ambitious to kick off an album with a nine-minute opus of a track, one which feels to build and float against a hazy warm backdrop, but that’s exactly how Dallas Green has chosen to open his latest City & Colour offering ‘If I Should Go Before You’. Ambition is the name of the game for Green on his fifth effort; more atmospheric than his previous offerings, this is a record that puts more weight upon on textures and feel. At moments, tracks – like ‘Lover Come Back’ or ‘Mizzy C’ - manage to pierce through the denseness, but overall, it’s a full-length that blends together that little too easily. (Sarah Jamieson) Listen: ‘Wasted Love’

Death or Glory: Fontaines DC

Death or Glory: Fontaines DC

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