Multi-bruv: Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix Silicon’s ‘Cellphone’

UMO’s frontman Ruben is Kody Nielson’s brother.

Here’s a nice bit of sibling remixing - Unknown Mortal Orchestra have remixed Silicon’s ‘Cellphone’. Frontman Ruben is brothers with Kody Nielson, who released his debut album ‘‘Personal Computer’ at the end of August through Domino Records imprint Weird World.

UMO’s reworking keep’s Silicon’s eerie vocoders and voicemail messages intact, but they plaster the entire thing with fidgeting, irregular funk beats, and twist ‘Cellphone’ in an entirely new direction.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have been touring all summer after releasing their latest album ‘Multi-Love’ back in May. Listen to their reworking of Silicon’s ‘Cellphone’ below.


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