It’s all a blur: Blur’s Graham Coxon has a finished solo album “on hold”

Blur's Graham Coxon has a finished solo album "on hold"

“One day i would like to put it out,” he told fans in a Reddit AMA.

Blur’s Graham Coxon has revealed he’s sitting on a finished solo album, but has no immediate plans to release it.

Speaking to fans in a Reddit AMA, the musician said that he recorded an entire other album during sessions for his 2012 release ‘A&E,’ and he didn’t want to release another solo album while there was a lot of Blur activity going on.”

“I have a solo album sitting on hold right now with no plans to release,” Coxon said. “One day i would like to put it out though.”

Never content to stick to one thing, Coxon also details the kinds of sounds he’s thinking about for his next new solo record - separate to his unreleased one. “”Funnily enough I woke up today thinking about sound concepts, harmony, mood and rhythm,” Coxon said. “I might like to go expansive English, a bit like if England had a huge desert is the middle. That kinda sound.”

Graham Coxon also revealed that he’s a fan of Blur bandmate Alex James’ cheese.

Coxon’s last release was the latest Blur record ‘The Magic Whip’. Listen to ‘Lonesome Street’ below.

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