Update: AlunaGeorge ready new album: “Our music is not anywhere near ‘White Noise’, style-wise”

Duo’s follow-up to ‘Body Music’s is due out in 2016.

UK duo AlunaGeorge are putting the finishing touches to their new album, the follow-up to 2013 debut ‘Body Music’.

Tentatively due in early 2016, Aluna Francis and George Reid’s next work is expected to see them going down a route that shuns the high-tempo pulse of Disclosure collab ‘White Noise’ and DJ Snake’s ‘You Know You Like It’ edit.

Speaking to SPIN, Aluna said: “It can really mess up a band’s vibe if people associate your most successful thing with a wildly different genre due to a remix. Snake is EDM, but that song is not EDM; it had a similar downtempo vibe to us. Our music is not anywhere near ‘White Noise,’ style-wise.”

She added: “We kind of abandoned ship very quickly trying to follow up with the kind of ‘White Noise’ sound. We weren’t sure if people wanted what we do.”

Sessions have been taking place in London, Henley and Los Angeles, track titles including ‘I Mean What I Mean’ and ‘In My Life’/‘You Give Me Life’.


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