Interview: Versus: Oscar and Blaenavon go head to head during their UK tour

Versus: Oscar and Blaenavon go head to head during their UK tour

The phone-smashing Oscar Scheller and Blaenavon grill each other on the tour bus (not literally).

Oscar, the pop peddler with the rich mahogany timbre and the garish cotton-wear, is currently on tour across the UK - with a bunch of DIY Presents stops along the way. Besides his persistent talent for breaking his phone - honestly Oscar, mate, a protective case doesn’t set you back much from Argos - he’s had a stormer of a year. His debut EP ‘Beautiful Words’ came out back in June, and since then he’s shared a tour bus with Hinds. Now he’s headlining his own tour, with Blaenavon second on the bill.

Hailing from Hampshire, rather than the town in South Wales from whence they take their name, Blaenavon specialise in emotionally intensive, high-drama pop. They also put out their own EP, ‘Miss World’ in 2015. Ben Gregory’s booming croon has more than a flicker of a daffodil-clutching Morrissey about it, melodies shimmering and colliding over pelting drums.

Because we rather like pitting tour mates against each other in a battle of the wits, we asked Blaenavon and Oscar to mark their live outings together by grilling each other. Not literally, though. We prefer both bands un-barbecued - it’d be difficult to play their ruddy brilliant songs with chargrilled satay kebabs for hands, after all.

Full dates for Oscar and Blaenavon’s UK jaunt are below, too. Read slightly less chaotic interviews we did with Oscar here, and Blaenavon here.

Ben, Harris and Frank of Blaenavon, to Oscar

Versus: Oscar and Blaenavon go head to head during their UK tour

Where did you get all your loud shirts?

From London to New York to LA.

Truth or dare? Please provide two reasons for your choice.

Truth. Honesty is rare form of expression. I'm bad at dares.

What’s your favourite Wetherspoons club day? (eg. Steak Club, Curry Club…)

Stick to J2O and avoid their food at all costs.

Cup of tea at home or life on the highway?

Life on the highway, with the music loud and the top down.

Do you ever feel alienated by your lifestyle?

Yes, but only in the most positive way.

Why did you get all your loud shirts?

I like to stand out from drudgery and to have fun with colours.

Oscar, to Ben, Harris and Frank of Blaenavon

Versus: Oscar and Blaenavon go head to head during their UK tour

What gets you up in the morning?

The stench of my own breath.

When was the last time you cried?

During the John Lewis advert.

What album from the noughties could you not live without?

'Ziggy Stardust' (2001 Remaster) by David Bowie

What gets you on the dancefloor?

Michael Jackson's 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Things)', a big bag of mandy, and a double espresso.

What’s your spirit animal?

Ben - Turtle
Harris - Swarm of Locusts
Frank - Corn on the cob

If you were a biscuit which one would you be?


Upcoming tour dates

17 St Albans, The Horn
18 Newcastle, Head Of Steam
19 Leeds, Brudenell Games Room
20 Manchester, Soup Kitchen (w/ Kagoule)


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