Listen: Anna Meredith announces debut album ‘Varmints’, streams ‘R-Type’

Anna Meredith announces debut album 'Varmints', streams 'R-Type'

‘Varmints’ is released March 4th on Moshi Moshi.

Scottish electronic composer Anna Meredith has announced her debut album, alongside a stream of new track ‘R-Type’.

An ever-spiralling track, ‘R-Type’ drags Anna Meredith’s classical inflections kicking and screaming into an electronic here-and-now. Speaking on the track, she stated, “I was trying to write something punchy, driving, and raw, that flips between the relentless rising scale figure you hear being hammered out on guitars, cello, and clarinet to great rolling synth lines with a sense of shape and build. (Incidentally, it took me about 500 takes to get that clarinet line right, clearly not quite got the chops I once had…) I love playing this track live too and consider it a bit of a failure if the entire band aren’t drenched in sweat by the end.”

Her first extended work ‘Varmints’ will be released on March 4th 2016 via Moshi Moshi - stream the raging ‘R-Type’ below ‘Varmints” tracklisting.

1. Nautilus
2. Taken
3. Scrimshaw
4. Something Helpful
5. R-Type
6. Dowager
7. The Vapours
8. Honeyed Words
9. Last Rose
10. Shill
11. Blackfriars

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