Watch: Chairlift share new video for ‘Romeo’

The band run amok around New York’s Chinatown district.

Chairlift have shared the new video for ‘Romeo’. The track appears on their upcoming new record ‘Moth,’ and it’s a heady pop cut based around the mythological life of Greek hero Atalanta.

The new video continues that mythological thread, and sees a pursuit between Caroline Polachek and a sunglasses-clas musician friend Kurt Feldman. He and Polachek chase each other around New York’s Chinatown district, bursting through restaurant kitchens and running past saxophonists along the way. Bandmate Patrick Wimberly also appears, eventually leaving behind a bar of shots to help Polachek catch her mystery metallic man.

Read the DIY in the studio interview with Chairlift here and watch their new video for ‘Romeo’ below.

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