Version: Mark Ronson does ‘re-fix’ of Ibeyi’s ‘Stranger / Lover’

He amps the French-Cuban duo’s reflective original up the tempo-notches, covering the whole thing in funk guitar.

Mark Ronson has reworked ‘Stranger / Lover’ by French-Cuban twin duo Ibeyi. Miles apart from the reflective, sparse piano of the original, Ronson injects an underlying funk, throwing squelching bass-lines, a gospel choir, and grooving guitar stabs into the mix.

‘Stranger / Lover’ originally appeared on Ibeyi’s self-titled debut, which came out earlier this year. Ronson has specified that this is not a remix, but a ‘re-fix’. He worked very closely with Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz on the new version. “I’ve never worked so closely with an artist when doing a remix before,” Ronson told The Fader. “It was more like producing a track from scratch than making a remix.”

Listen to Mark Ronson’s ‘re-fix’ of ‘Stranger / Lover’ below.


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