Mellon Collie: Billy Corgan’s gone off on one about Facebook and Twitter

​Billy Corgan’s gone off on one about Facebook and Twitter

He’s got a lot to say about Kim Kardashian, too.

Another day, and another takedown from Mr. William Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. In the past he’s gone off on one about everything from any guitar band playing music post-Radiohead, and the “feckless idiots” running the music industry, to Anderson Cooper. He’s also not very keen on Disneyland (see above).

The latest topic to incur Billy Corgan’s wrath? Social media; particularly Facebook and Twitter. It’s a “social ecosystem that rewards being inane,” he said, before expressing annoyance that only a small portion of Smashing Pumpkins’ 4 million Facebook fans regularly see his updates due to the site’s algorithms. “So what Facebook wants you to do is ‘boost your posts,’” he said. “This is where we get into dumbland, do really dumb stuff.”

Speaking in an interview with Jennifer Weigel, he also claims that Kim Kardashian is one of the only people to benefit from Twitter. “What a Kim Kardashian brings to a Twitter is worth more than four hundred people with the same amount of followers,” he said (we’re not sure how he calculated that particular stat, tbh). “They take what a Kim Kardashian brings to a Twitter. Now in Kim Kardashian’s case, she can turn that and sell cosmetics or a clothing branding or whatever.”

“People like us, like you and me [are] in the middle, we don’t get that same exchange,” he said. “We can’t turn around and get a shoe deal because we are tweeting something.”

It remains to be seen whether Billy Corgan is planning on ‘doing a Kim’ by launching a mobile app, or series of emojis in order to boost his online profile. Probably not, though.

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