Watch: Get a glimpse into Bear GryllsThe Revenant-style boot camp

DIY was invited to try and survive in some of the harsh conditions faced in the film.

It’s no secret that everyone involved with making The Revenant – the latest effort from Oscar-winning filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu – had a tough shoot, but it’s particularly true for its star Leonardo DiCaprio. To portray 19th century mountaineer Hugh Glass, the actor had to eat raw bison liver, brave ice-cold rivers and sleep in animal carcasses.

While it’s safe to say that things didn’t quite get to that stage when DIY and some other journalists were sent to Bear Grylls’ camp to coincide with the UK release of the film, learning what it means to survive in the wilderness was at times a trying experience.

Press play below to see how we got on…

The Revenant is out in UK cinemas now.