Watch: Ty Segall wanders through dystopian L.A. in new ‘Emotional Mugger’ short film

Ty Segall wanders through dystopian L.A. in new ‘Emotional Mugger’ short film

The darkly surreal visual accompanies his new record of the same name.

Ty Segall has shared a new short film to match his new record ‘Emotional Mugger’. It’s a fairly weird prospect, to put things lightly.

Wandering around a hellish, dystopian version of Los Angeles - clouded in grey dust, and filled with dark, satirical characters - Ty Segall stumbles into a series of equally surreal frames. There’s a deranged city cop who manically drains out his victims’ blood, a woman who injects herself with blue syrup in a motel room, and a cheese and wine party where, for some reason, everyone wears virtual reality headsets. There’s a lot to take in.

Directed by Ty Segall’s frequent collaborator Matt Yoka, the ‘Emotional Mugger’ short follows on in a similarly bizarre vein to the new website Ty set up to launch the project.

Originally mailed out to music publications on taped-over VHS, ‘Emotional Mugger’ was later released properly, coming out via Drag City on 22nd January.

Watch the new ‘Emotional Mugger’ short film below. It’s not for the faint-hearted, mind you.

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