Watch: Peaches gets gothic in her ‘Free Drink Ticket’ video

Peaches gets gothic in her 'Free Drink Ticket' video

The venom-filled video sees her fighting off a menacing “pig boa”.

Peaches has shared a dark, gothic (and, like most of her videos, NSFW) video for ‘Free Drink Ticket’. One of the darkest moments of her latest album, ‘Rub,’ it’s bitter, hurt-filled, revenge-seeking spoken word oddity, directing a diatribe towards a person that caused her pain. “No sympathy for your weakness, you chicken shit,” is a particular lyrical highlight.

Things turn more sadistic in the video; Peaches fighting a “pig boa” in a dingy, smokey, basement, and being carried around by a silent troupe of loin-cloth clad figures. The visual is directed by Sara Sachs, an LA designer who creates fashion for performers and artists. It’s her directorial debut.

“The image of the pig boa – this sort of monster or dark force in the room is also me,” Peaches told Dazed, speaking about the video. “That’s why at the end I grow a little pig nose, because you can’t just project a bunch of hate onto somebody – there has to be a way to get over it, or else you’ll become it too.”

She also cited German expressionism, and Jean Cocteau as influences. Watch the (NSFW) video for ‘Free Drink Ticket’ below.

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