Curtain Call: Kagoule show off their heavier side with new track Pharmacy

Kagoule show off their heavier side with new track 'Pharmacy'

Have a first listen of the band’s new offering, ahead of their set at The Old Blue Last tonight for Curtain Call 2016.

Later this evening, Nottingham three-piece Kagoule will be visiting the familiar confines of The Old Blue Last for the second round of Curtain Call, DIY’s new Curtain Road-based endeavour alongside Jägermeister. As part of Curtain Call, the trio were invited along to lay down a new track at Strongroom Studio, on - you guessed it - Curtain Road itself, and now, you can have a first listen to their hard work.

Set to be included in the band’s live set this evening, their newest offering comes titled ‘Pharmacy’ and is the first material to follow on from their debut album ‘Urth’. Recorded with Drew Bang, it offers up a glimpse into Kagoule’s heavier side. A little unsettling, a little foreboding, it doesn’t take long to explode into chaotic life.

“This song’s maybe a different direction to what we’ve done with the other tracks,” the band’s Cai Burns told us, “and it stands out amongst some of the newer stuff that we’re writing, which is probably a bit more similar to our older stuff.”

“It’s heavier than a lot of our songs,” says drummer Lawrence English, “but like Cai was saying, a lot of the others aren’t so it’s not like we’re getting loads heavier. I think we’re just generally moving in quite a few different directions and this is a heavier experiment for us.”

Kagoule will play at The Old Blue Last with Demob Happy and JOHN this evening (Tuesday 23rd February) as part of Curtain Call 2016. To get your hands on the last remaining tickets, head to TicketWeb now.

Listen to ‘Pharmacy’ below.

Catch up with our interview with Kagoule in the studio here, and keep up-to-date with all the action on #CurtainCall2016.

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