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Claire Boucher is a massive Game of Thrones fan. No, really. She’s obsessed. With this in mind, we took the chance to grill her on next season predictions, and fan theories galore.

If there’s one thing Grimes is obsessed with - other than making blindingly ace albums like ‘Art Angels,’ and generally changing the entire face of music in the process - it’s Game of Thrones. There are few things Claire Boucher loves in life more than the telly adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novels, and when she met the show’s creator one time at Comic Con, she was quite literally lost for words. Throughout the making of her fourth album, studio snaps were broken up with guided tours around film sets, and photos of Grimes gleefully sitting in the Iron Throne.

As well as diving into the genius universe of Grimes with this month’s cover feature, we also took the chance to grill Grimes on everything Game of Thrones, getting her takes on everything from deep-web fan theories, to last season’s dramatic cliff-hanger. With season six almost here (deep breaths, super fans, deep breaths) things are getting very exciting indeed

Oh, and this article contains spoilers. Be warned.

Playing the game of thronezz and winning

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The Game of Thrones novel series has finally caught up with the telly show. Anything could happen next! What do you think is on the horizon?

I think Jon Snow is dead, but I think.. Ok, first of all, the king of the White Walkers is obviously a Stark. Or, something to do with warging. I think there are a lot of possibilities. Also, I just don’t like Jon Snow. I don’t care about him at all.

That being said, what are your thoughts on the R+L=J theory? Who is Jon Snow’s mum, do you think? Lyanna Stark?

I think that’s likely. I also think that it’s likely that Tyrion might be half-Targaryen. You know how when he kills his dad, and his dad is like “you are no son of mine?” I think there’s something about Rhaegar, and the mum of Tyrion or something. Maybe I’m crazy, but there’s definitely going to be some crazy shit.

“I just don’t like Jon Snow. I don’t care about him at all. “

— Grimes

Which house would you be in, then?

I hate to say it, but probably Tyrell, because I’m French, and the Tyrells are French. I like to think I’m Targaryen, maybe, but i’m definitely very different to Khaleesi.

Do you think the Lannisters have an unfair rep?

The Lannisters are actually cool. Everyone hates the Lannisters, but if you think about it they’ve got Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion, and Joffrey! They’re probably four of the best. Honestly, they’re four of my favourite characters. Cersei, Tyrion, and Joffrey are up there with Brienne and Khaleesi.

“People tell me I look like Joffrey…”

— Grimes

Joffrey is such an arsehole, though. He’s not very nice!

I kinda look like him. People tell me I look like Joffrey. In pictures, in certain angles where my hair looks short, I look like Joffrey

So what exactly is it about fantasy stuff - like Game of Thrones - that you love, in general?

Fantasy, often… if you look at something like Game of Thrones, it’s obviously a metaphor for politics. I’m also a huge history fan, and in Game of Thrones I’m always trying to figure out what the characters are historically. There are definitely the Mongols and shit like that, and it’s a socio-historical case study.

Sci-fi is a bit more diverse, but I think usually in fantasy you get better stories. Of my favourite sci-fi books, there aren’t many with amazing character development in the same way as there is with fantasy. With fantasy, I really deeply care about the characters. With sci-fi, you know, [Isaac Asimov’s] Foundation Trilogy or something, you’re less invested. That’s why I think Dune [by Frank Herbert] or something, is such a masterpiece, because it accomplishes it all. I actually would argue Game of Thrones is more similar to Dune in that there are all these point of view characters, and there’s a giant cast of leads. I think the problem with Dune is whenever anyone tries to take it to film or TV, they’re like, yes, Paul is the main character. It’s like, no! All of them are main characters, the same as it is with Game of Thrones. Read Dune. It’s one of the best books ever.

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