Death Grips share surreal, 32-minute-long ‘Interview’

Death Grips share surreal, 32-minute-long ‘Interview’

The ‘Bottomless Pit’ of Death Grips’ antics continues.

It’s 2016, and Death Grips are as evasive as ever. The enigmatic group last night shared a 32-minute video called ‘Interview 2016’, which contains zero question-and-answer formalities and a small dose of new music.

The clip, streaming below, stars actor and TV host Matthew Hoffman, who pits himself in the middle of Zach Hill, Stefan Burnett and Andy Morin as they rage through new material. Hoffman prompts each Death Grips member with questions, but their answers can’t be heard over a pummelling, hyperactive instrumental.

New album ‘Bottomless Pit’ is expected for later this year.

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