He’s nuts! Kurt Vile voices cartoon squirrel, as you do

Kurt Vile voices a cartoon squirrel, as you do

The anthropomorphic ‘Animals’ show also stars A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Ferg.

Kurt Vile has unveiled a new video in which a cartoon squirrel version of himself sings a song called ‘Nuts’. Right then.

There’s a point to all this nuts (geddit?!) behaviour - Kurt Vile voices a character in HBO’s anthropomorphic new show ‘Animals’. A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Ferg also star in the show, which follows a gang of New York dwelling cartoon animals.

In this week’s episode, squirrel Kurt Vile performs ‘Nuts’ to some bushy-tailed fans, while wearing a very fetching Philly Boy Roy t-shirt. He’s also got a cupboard full of “munchie-craver” snacks in his humble tree abode - and they appear to be laced with hallucinogenics. There’s a lot going on, basically.

Watch Kurt Vile sing ‘Nuts’ in squirrelly form below.

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