When that hotline bling: Death Grips share ‘Trash’…. via hotline

Death Grips share 'Trash'....  via phone hotline

You have to ring up to hear the ‘Bottomless Pit’ track, obviously.

With streaming officially being ‘a thing’, artists have to get creative to air new music in attention-grabbing ways. From Animal Collective playing their latest album ‘Painting With’ for the first time over an airport tannoy, to Beyoncé casually putting out a complete visual album in one go, loads of musicians are at it.

With this presumably in mind, Death Grips have decided to air a new song by way of a phone hotline. Give it a bling on the number below, press one, and hear a brand new song called ‘Trash’.

'Trash' appears on Death Grips' forthcoming new album 'Bottomless Pit'.

Death Grips have called this fancy hotline of theirs the 'Caged Pillow Feelings Network'. Along with the new song, there are several other clips to listen to. Dial some of the other suggested options to hear the U.S. National anthem, radio broadcasts, and a strangely meditative woman who goes on a lot about touching pillows.

The band point towards further updates on Instagram, and add "the feelings network is a living breathing object and changes day to day, so you might want to save this number to your contacts."

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