Listen: Charli XCX shares ‘Explode’

Charli XCX shares ‘Explode’

New song is taken from the Angry Birds movie soundtrack, because why not?

It’s true, an Angry Birds movie exists. That app where you fling birds towards increasingly tall objects - it’s been turned into a film. The film lasts 1 hour, 37 minutes. And Charli XCX appears on the soundtrack.

New song ‘Explode’ is a quick follow-up to the pop-in-the-year-2115 thriller EP ‘Vroom Vroom’. It sits alongside fellow Angry Birds soundtrack artists Demi Lovato and Blake Shelton, plus Rick Astley and Limp Bizkit’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’. I mean fair enough.

Charli’s ‘Explode’ is streaming below.

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