Listen: Bat For Lashes drifts off with ‘Joe’s Dream’

Softly swaying new number is taken from her incoming concept album, ‘The Bride’.

She’s got big ideas, that Natasha Khan. ‘The Bride’, her latest album as Bat For Lashes, is as ‘srs bsns’ as they come, really. A concept album about a bride-to-be whose lover dies in a car crash on the way to the wedding (yup, bleak), it’s being teased today by latest single ‘Joe’s Dream’.

As nocturnal as that title might suggest, ‘Joe’s Dream’ drifts along, cloudy percussion and blanket-after-blanket of soft noise framing Natasha’s fragile, heartbreaking vocal. Not exactly a party starter, then.

It follows ‘I Do’, ‘In God’s House’ and ‘Sunday Love’ (there’s a subtle theme emerging here, right?) in teasing the record, which she performed in full at a few teeny venues earlier this year. Stream ‘Joe’s Dream’ below.

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