Have You Heard? Bat For Lashes - Joe’s Dream

Natasha Khan continues to spin love on its head, in a dark chapter from her ‘The Bride’ album.

Natasha Khan’s wedding-themed Bat For Lashes concept album ‘The Bride’ was never going to be a simple, all-smiles-down-the-aisle affair. So far, she’s told the story of a brokenhearted honeymoon and a tale of despair. ‘Joe’s Dream’ continues the theme, mixing heartbreak with bold imagery amid a dark, religious backdrop.

The song finds Khan trying to bury horrors through love. “He saw angels at his bedroom door / And a body on a checkered floor,” she sings, on top of Twin Peaks-ready basslines and sweeping choral coos. Every declaration of love is mirrored with fear, the “don’t say goodbye” line repeated until any remaining hope is shattered into pieces. It’s another gloomy chapter in Khan’s deep-rooted new story.

Bat For Lashes' new album 'The Bride' is out 1st July via Parlophone.


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