Don’t stop the music: The Kills cover Rihanna’s ‘Desperado’

The Kills cover Rihanna’s ‘Desperado’

And to summarise, it’s fucking amazing.

In this week’s very unofficial edition of ‘unlikely but bloody well brilliant cover,’ The Kills have put their own spin on Rihanna’s ‘Desperado’.

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince put a slinking, bluesey spin on the ‘ANTI’ track during a live session for SiriusXM, Mosshart husking and gravelling for all she’s worth over spare guitars. It sort of sounds a bit like if Ri-Ri was a bar singer in the first season of True Detective, basically.

Rihanna finally got a move on and released her eighth album ‘ANTI’ this year, while The Kills returned with their fifth record ‘Ash & Ice’ earlier this month.

Catch up with DIY’s The Kills feature here, and listen to their fucking ace take on Rihanna below.


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