Interview: Traams talk their incoming Fluffer Pit Party show: “Anything can happen”

Ahead of this weekend’s London bash, we caught up with TRAAMS for a quick natter with the band’s Leigh Padley.

This weekend, DIY are teaming up with Fluffer Pit Parties for a sweaty, chaotic shindig in a secret London location. TRAAMS, Demob Happy, Abattoir Blues and People And Other Diseases will be taking to the floor of an East London venue, performing right in the middle of the crowd. What could possibly go wrong? Loads, actually. But it’ll be a laugh either way.

We thought we’d best catch up with TRAAMS ahead of the carnage. Might be the last chance we get, after all. Below, the band’s Leigh Padley talks all things Fluffer, pontificates on their latest album ‘Modern Dancing’, and gives us the first word on the potentially horn-led future of TRAAMS.

Hello there Mr. TRAAMS - how is everything?

Pretty good thanks, enjoying the sun, enjoying talking about the sun, looking forward to the football contest and a little spooked that we’re halfway through 2016. Stu is on his holidays, Adam just bought some rats and I’m watching loads of films. Just watched Ip Man 3 with Mike Tyson in it, some people are so hard aren’t they?

You said it, brother. You’ve been touring pretty hard yourselves since the release of ‘Modern Dancing’, how’s that been?

It’s been great giving ‘Modern Dancing’ a good airing, though we are thinking of carrying on and doing a few more shows throughout the year. We had a solid chunk of it written whilst we were touring ‘Grin’ so it feels good to have caught up with ourselves, choosing set lists from two albums and two EP’s has been a lot of fun.

Any particularly memorable moments, either on- or off-stage?

Our UK tour back in March was premium fun. We made super best mates for life with our touring buddies Seize The Chair which is a bonus. They’re top UK lads and their music is top notch. St. Patricks day was a bit of a highlight, we all slept in a van the night before due to an admin error and the day gradually blossomed into one of the smelliest and funniest days of my life. My face hurt from smiling, bottom line having fun isn’t it?

‘Succulent Thunder Anthem’

“It’ll be a lot easier for an audience member to give us a slap if they’re not liking it, that’s the key concern.”

‘Modern Dancing’ seems to have been pretty universally well received too, how’s that reaction looking from your side?

It’s always nice to know something you’ve worked hard on is ticking all the right boxes for folk. It’s something we never really expected as a band but seeing that people are getting down to the music is bloody lovely.

You’ve got the Fluffer Pit Party coming up too - how are you gonna deal with the concept there? Performing in the middle of the crowd and all that; sounds a bit intense.

It’ll be a lot easier for an audience member to give us a slap if they’re not liking it, that’s the key concern. But anything can happen I suppose, maybe it’ll be like the Jimmy Eat World video where they are playing at a party and everyone is drinking from plastic cups and kissing and that, but then again, maybe not, might be loads of people with their arms crossed studying Stu’s pedals, either way we are very much looking forward to it.

What’s the strangest stage set-up you’ve had to handle in the past?

We once played on a boat in France, cracking little venue but there was a bit of a drop off the stage right beside me. I had to hold back on my dancing because I’m scared of heights. Our recent show at Sticky Mikes in Brighton was tricky for me too, think I hit my head on the ceiling twice, it’s hard trying to look cool whilst accidentally nutting piping.

And finally - what’s the plan moving forward? If you don’t get squished by the crowd at Fluffer, wall-of-death-style, of course…

We are looking to play some more gigs and have been making good progress on writing new material. Getting some new ideas into the set? Maybe we’ll go for a new image soon? Adam bought a trumpet recently, we could have a look at that? Carrying on carrying on I suppose, all very exciting.

TRAAMS play the DIY Presents Fluffer Pit Party in London this Saturday (18th June).

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