Premiere: Club Kuru rip up the rulebook on ‘Tonight’

Club Kuru rip up the rulebook on ‘Tonight’

A former bedroom producer has morphed into a thrashing five-piece psych project, with spectacular results.

“There’s so much I gotta see,” sings Laurie Erskine on his new Club Kuru track ‘Tonight’. It’s a line that neatly summarises his latest move - a bold act of ripping up what came before and starting from scratch, all for the purpose of exploring.

This new Club Kuru v 2.0 finds the former bedroom producer sticking to his crafty trade, only this time he’s transformed into a big-thinking psych force.Club Kuru now are a five-piece, and this self-produced track sees Laurie Erskine and co reflecting the expansion. A cross between the Kevin Parker-stamped Melody’s Echo Chamber, or the driving force of early Unknown Mortal Orchestra, it’s psych with a sophisticated charm. Instead of simply being a process of ‘opening your mind, maaaan’, there’s purpose to every speck of ‘Tonight’.

It’s a staggering distance ahead of the producer’s early work. A song like ‘All The Days’ from two years back has its slick alt-pop merits, but it doesn’t compare to ‘Tonight’ - a gigantic dive into the unknown.

DIY is premiering ‘Tonight’ below.

Club Kuru play the following shows:

12 Manchester, Castle Hotel
13 Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
15 London, Corsica Studios
16 Bristol, Louisiana

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