Brexit: Brian Eno is urging Britain to remain in the European Union

He’s the latest musician to rally against Brexit.

Brian Eno has put his oar in on the upcoming EU referendum, urging voters to remain in the European Union ahead of the vote on Thursday (23rd June).

He’s the latest musician to rally against Brexit, saying: “I feel the EU is one of the only restraints on the kind of neo-liberal market fundamentalism that has seen inequality rising throughout the world. I feel that it has been a net force for good in promoting enlightened social and environmental agendas. It could and should be doing a better job at all these things, but to do any job at all it needs our support.”

“The only good outcome of this referendum is that it might remind us what the original mission of the EU was, and might motivate us to actually make it happen. So…please vote. And please ask your friends to do the same.”

Read the full statement on Facebook below.


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