It’s a Wrap: Jamie T has released a budget video for ‘Tinfoil Boy’

Jamie T has released a budget video for 'Tinfoil Boy'

The cockney-diamond’s latest single is now accompanied by a pretty twisted video.

While the echoes of BOY BOY BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY are still ringing through the nation’s ear’s like some sort of noise-rock tinnitus, Jamie T has released an equally left-field video to match his new track ‘Tinfoil Boy’.

Looking a little bit like it could have been shot with a melon, it features grainy footage of a few young’uns messing around on a train before the girl in the group decides to suffocate her mates with plastic bags. Interspersed with these are clips of Jamie T and co. in some sort of basement, screaming the rage-filled refrain. Twisted stuff indeed.

It’s a pretty budget affair, and not particularly likely to be winning any Oscars any time soon.

No word on whether ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is taken from a new full-length, but the new single is available now.

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3 back issues for £7

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