Live Review Latitude 2016: HANA

After stints in arenas playing with Grimes, HANA brings a fearless performance to the Alcove Stage.

If anything’s capable of waking Latitude punters up from any kind of slumber, it’s Los Angeles-based newcomer HANA’s beat-led pop. She’s spent the past few months touring with Grimes, as well as sharing a stage with the ‘Art Angels’ star. There’s a profound confidence at play here, but a stint in arenas can’t be the only reason for that.

When push comes to shove, HANA’s real skill is in how she masters looped backing tracks without it seeming faddy. Drum stick in hand, she looks like she was destined to master samplers, perfecting each move like threading through the eye of a needle. These songs are exact to an extreme, but they also seem free to roam.

With hyperactive beats as the soundtrack, she brings a crazed take that isn’t a far cry to Chvrches and How to Dress Well sipping champagne on an ibiza boat trip. Berserk and completely unafraid, HANA is a star in the making. She’s an early highlight in a packed out DIY Alcove tent.

Latitude 2016: HANA Latitude 2016: HANA Latitude 2016: HANA

Photos: Poppy Marriott.

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