Festivals: Teleman throw a party in the Latitude woods

Latitude 2016: Teleman

The Teleman lads arrive in fine form on Saturday evening.

Five minutes before Teleman rock up at the Sunrise Arena, this corner of the Latitude woods feels like a sleepy little nook among the early evening’s festivities. Enter Teleman, and the gears are shifted up a notch – their arrival to ‘Skeleton Dance’ signalling the start of a party that everyone’s invited to.

The band strikes a balance that seems to fit the afternoon’s atmosphere just right - their slightly awkward exterior offset by an approach that exerts oodles and oodles of fun. The crowd are on side within a matter of minutes, doing their best to recreate the hip-swivelling, hand-clapping dance moves that bassist Pete Cattermoul pulls out on stage.

By the time the band pull for ‘Tangerine’ from this year’s ‘Brilliant Sanity’ at the midway point, the Sunrise Arena has transformed in to a sea of bobbing heads and dancing feet. A slap of Neue Deutsche Welle sensibility keeps the packed tent moving in the form of ‘Düsseldorf’, while the swirling climax of ‘Fall In Time’ leaves a mark on one of the most memorable sets this stage will see all weekend.

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