Listen: Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam ex-Vampire Weekend team up for ‘A 1000 Times’

The former Vampy Weeks man has teamed up with one of The Walkmen for a new project.

Not content with striking out solo post-Vampire Weekend, Rostam Batmanglij has teamed up with Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen for another new project.

‘A 1000 Times’, set for release via Glassnote Records, is the duo’s first link-up. A jaggedy pop number, it finds both Rostam’s production and Hamilton’s far-reaching vocal tying themselves together nice and tight. Which, as it turns out, was sort of the point.

“‘A 1000 Times’ started with a beat I made while Hamilton and I were working out of my studio in LA,” explains Rostam. “We picked it back up in New York and finished writing it in Washington, DC. I wanted us to do a song where the snares would crack as hard as Hamilton’s voice. To me, the song became about that interaction between the vocals and the drums.”

Mission accomplished, then. Stream ‘A 1000 Times’ below - it follows solo productions from Rostam in the form of ‘EOS’ and ‘Gravity Don’t Pull Me’. You can purchase it here.


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