Listen: Douglas Dare announces new album, shares ‘Doublethink’

Douglas Dare announces new album, shares ‘Doublethink’

‘Aforger’ is due out this October via Erased Tapes.

London songwriter and pianist Douglas Dare has announced details of a new, second album.

‘Aforger’ is due out 14th October via Erased Tapes (Nils Frahm). It’s led by ‘Doublethink’, a gloomy and inventive 1984-refrencing track that builds on the motifs of 2014 debut ‘Whelm’, adding further Thom Yorke-style melodrama.

The song is about an ex-boyfriend who “had been leading this double-life.” Douglas Dare explains: “I became obsessed with the question of what is real and George Orwell’s 1984 felt appropriate for me to re-read. Orwell explains this idea of reality control and Doublethink, and it struck a chord with me. The idea that truth can be steered or changed, and we might be able to believe two contradictory things at once. In my case, ignorance was my protection from the truth and ignorance really is bliss, until you’re no longer ignorant.”

Album tracklist:

1. Doublethink
2. Greenhouse
3. Oh Father
4. New York
5. The Edge
6. Binary
7. Stranger
8. Venus
9. Thinking of Him
10. Rex

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