Have You Heard? Nao - Trophy (feat. A.K. Paul)

Nao - Trophy (feat. A.K. Paul)

A match made in heaven.

Nao’s career kickstarted with an A.K. Paul collaboration, and just as the London singer gets ready for lift-off, out steps another.

In similar shuffling fashion to breakthrough moment ‘So Good’, ‘Trophy’ doesn’t sit still for one second. Tough-as-nails, concrete-struck guitars judder in the foreground - the perfect companion to Nao’s saccharine vocals. It’s a match made in heaven.

What’s more impressive about her first album, however, is in how far she strays from this skewed-soul territory. There’s so much more on offer, from behind-the-scenes voice memos to more drastic spins on conventional pop. It’s a record that deserves to catapult her towards greatness.

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