Something good: Thom Sonny Green gives Alt-J update: “It’s really important that we’ve taken this time off”

The Alt-J drummer also details new solo record ‘High Anxiety’ in the new issue of DIY, out Friday 5th August.

Alt-J’s full time drummer Thom Sonny Green is cutting loose with a massive curveball of a solo record, and in the new issue of DIY (out Friday 5th August), he goes in on ‘High Anxiety,’ as well as giving update on Alt-J’s next album.

“We’re thinking about it [the next Alt-J album],” he tells us, sitting down for a chat in his East London rehearsal space. Thom is careful to emphasise that there’s no pressure forcing Alt-J to crack on with the follow-up to ‘All This Is Yours’ before they’re properly ready, mind. “It’s really important that we’ve taken this time off,” he says.

“We really want to do it, and it’s quite daunting, but as soon as we start, it’ll be fine,” he adds.

And as for how a future Alt-J record could sound, the creative floodgates are - as ever - wide open. “All we ever want to do is write interesting things, so we might write an entire album with an acoustic guitar and a tambourine,” Thom jokes. “We’ll see.”

The August 2016 issue of DIY is out from midday on Friday 5th August, available free via stockists across the UK, readable online, downloadable via our iOS app and if you’d rather have a copy posted to you in person, below.


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