Have You Heard? Jamie T - Power Over Men

This is the sound of Jamie T in rude form.

On his comeback LP, 2014’s ’Carry on the Grudge’, Jamie T’s continued ability to mix razor-sharp storytelling with big hooks seemed like a miracle in itself. Consider that he was once so absent from the public eye, he was assumed to be as much of a mysterious entity as Jai Paul. Now that he’s back, the ball is rolling, and fourth album ‘Trick’ suggests he’s found a prolific streak.

And it isn’t a newfound role that’s replacing quality control. ‘Power Over Men’ might be his slickest single to date, a femme fatale tale with as many twists and turns as a bedside page-turner. Clean production can’t remove Jamie’s rough edges, a charming characteristic that stayed by his side even through the tough times. Here, imagery gets more vivid and fantastical, from the way foolish men’s “tongues leak” to the “burden and curse” placed on the song’s subject. A fat-trimmed taste of what’s to come, this is the sound of Jamie T in rude form.

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