Have You Heard? Kate Nash - Good Summer

Kate Nash - Good Summer

Ten years on from her first ever show, it would seem she’s struck pop gold.

It’s a fact; blue skies combined with constant low-level risk of sunburn has an uncanny ability to lift spirits. You only have to take a cursory look out of the window at the first hint of sunshine to see optimistic people rushing towards the nearest park with lukewarm tinnies and disposable BBQs in hand. In other words, there’s a reason why so many pop bangers are geared towards the summer, and for her return, Kate Nash took her flash of inspiration from the annual rush towards London Fields park to spark up the barbie.

“I’ve been waiting all year to feel this good,” sings Kate Nash atop playful stabs of chipper Fisher Price keyboards, once again entirely reinventing her sound, and diving headfirst into poppy, sherbet-laced waters. Starting out as a keyboard-whacking teenager back in 2007, spitting “I’d rather be with your friends mate / cause they are much fitter” with grinning rejection, the last decade’s seen Kate Nash turning punk and dancing on top of pianos, and founding online feminist collective Girl Gang. And as for now? Ten years on from her first ever show, it would seem she’s struck pop gold.

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