Watch: Watch Sad13’s new Shamir-featuring video for ‘<2’

Watch Sad13's new Shamir-featuring video for '<2'

The track follows ‘Get A Yes’ in previewing ‘Slugger’.

Sad13 (Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis) has shared a video for a new track from her debut album ‘Slugger’.

‘<2’ follows ‘Get A Yes’ in previewing the record, and comes with a striking new video. In the clip, Dupuis plays what she calls “Dr. Makeup Tutorial”, trying on all manner of different faces. The clip also features a certain Shamir getting a makeover.

Speaking about ‘<2’ in a press release, Dupuis said: “’<2’ is about choosing to be glossy AND caustic. It’s about knowing you’re smart, knowing you’re doused in glitter, and refusing to see these two bits of self-knowledge as conflicting. My high school rival was a bigoted Eagle Scout, furiously confounded at the reality that a girly teen (me!) was his academic superior. Ten years later, as an adult human who lurks around the “feminine” quadrant of the gender map, I STILL come up against ignoramuses who conflate feminized personal style with anti-intellectualism.

The “<2” video is an homage to YouTube and Instagram MUAs, via a series of makeup tutorials that become increasingly surreal. Undergoing several dissimilar cosmetic transformations fit with the song’s theme of self-determinism, while also celebrating aesthetic mutability. Plus, we wanted to make me look like a reptilian and glue a bagel to my head. Some of these looks adhere to conventionally feminine beauty norms, some embrace masculinity, more often than not they treat the face as a gender-neutral canvas, letting cosmetics be Art-for-art’s-sake.”

Watch the new clip below.

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