One step up: Bruce Springsteen signed a young fan’s school absence note

The savvy school kid chose to give his teachers a photocopy version, natch.

Everyone’s been there in that same boat; trying to make up viable excuses to cover up skives. Whether it’s a case of the fictional flu after a late gig, or covering up Pete Andre’s super-special appearance at Yate Shopping Centre with a dubious ‘doctor’s appointment,’ people will sometimes go to great creative lengths to see their idols. In the case of Philly fifth grader Michael, though, he went one better - and told the truth in the process.

As The Inquirer reports, Michael skipped school to go and meet Bruce Springsteen at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Not content with formulating an at-best dubious alibi, he instead took his absence letter along with him, and asked Bruce to sign it. The savvy school kid chose to give his teachers a photocopy version afterwards, natch.

According to Michael’s dad, Bruce studied the note for quite some time, telling the fifth grader “I have to read it first, that’s how I got in trouble with my first contract.” After signing the note he added “I hope you don’t get in trouble.”

What a babe.

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