Listen: Singapore’s Linying makes her mark with the ‘Paris 12’ EP

Singapore’s Linying makes her mark with the ‘Paris 12’ EP

Delicate, spacious pop is free to roam on this new release.

Every song on Linying’s ‘Paris 12’ paints its own vivid picture.

Five tracks form the release. ‘Sticky Leaves’ stays true to its title, walking barefoot on delicate, crisp production. ‘Alpine’ again takes on a literal form, building from the ground up like it’s scaling snowy mountains. The closing title-track, however, exists in a world of its own. Singing of “magnets and strawberry dreams” over mournful synths, time and time again the Singapore musician tell stories, instead of getting lost in faint abstractions.

That’s what makes ‘Paris 12’ so special - its uncompromising ability to paint detail, avoiding the temptation to leave things open to interpretation.

The EP will be released in Asia via Universal Music Group and in Europe/UK via Akira, and it lands alongside worldwide tour dates. See below.

02 Seoul, KR @ Zandari Festa

01 London, UK @ Camden Assembly
17-18 Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Music Week
26 Victoria, AU @ Queenscliff Music Festival
27 Singapore, SG @ Neon Lights Festival

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