Ooh: Charli XCX teases new Lil Yachty collab single ‘After The Afterparty’

A bit of snooping suggests it’s just two weeks away!

That new Charli XCX album might be very close indeed - an iTunes pre-order page for her new single suggests we’re getting new music in just two weeks!

Charli’s been all over social media of late, teasing the new single all week with various pictures and, er, emoji reviews. As Idolator reports, though, a far more concrete factoid has emerged - an iTunes pre-order page for a new track called ‘After The Afterparty’, featuring Lil Yachty. Release date? October 28th.

The new album will follow her ‘Vroom Vroom’ EP and standalone single ‘Explode’ (from the Angry Birds soundtrack, obviously) from earlier this year - over the summer she assured fans that it would be out “soon” and stated that her label were holding it back. She’s been working with PC Music producer SOPHIE on the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Sucker’ - here’s why we’re so damn excited about her next moves.

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