Have You Heard? Trudy and the Romance - My Baby’s Gone Away

Trudy and the Romance - My Baby's Gone Away

A blustery nighttime stroll, drunkenly yelping at the stars.

Where Trudy and the Romance’s previous incarnations might have fully embraced the last word of that moniker, on latest single ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’, they’re plunging into a darker side.

Far from the hand-holding waltz of past singles, ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’ is a blustery nighttime stroll, frontman Oliver Taylor drunkenly yelping at the stars. “She knows she’s been fucking around,” they collectively scream of that titular ‘baby’, Trudy’s doe-eyed romanticism swapped out for a bitter, broken-hearted sentiment while their instruments melt and creak beneath them. It’s proof - not that it was needed - that there’s more to this trio than just sop and doo-wop.

Trudy and the Romance support The Big Moon on tour this month - dates here. Catch up with the DIY interview with Trudy and the Romance, from our October 2016 issue.

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