Have You Heard? Abattoir Blues - Fading

A highlight of their incredible live show, ‘Fading’ takes on a new life on record.

There’s a gang mentality to Abattoir Blues and their Brighton cohorts that’s brought to the fore on ‘Fading’. All shared vocals and huge chants, it’s a consistent highlight of their incredible live show - ‘Fading’ takes on a new life on record, though.

Their stripped-back, calmed-down new sound finds room to breathe. Where live showings find frontman Harry Waugh furrowing his brow so hard it could rival the Himalayas for peaks and craters, ‘Fading”s recorded guise depicts a subtler display of anger and emotion. It’s the best evidence yet that Abattoir Blues have cut several windows in their blanket fort, and shed some light on that previously all-encompassing darkness.

Abattoir Blues’ new ‘Sense’/’Fading’ single is out 4th November via Cannibal Hymns. They play London’s Scala tonight with The Big Moon and Trudy and the Romance.

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