Listen: Sigur Rós recorded a new version of ‘Hoppípolla’ for Planet Earth

Your perfect soundtrack for plucky sea iguanas, flying lizards and sassy capybaras.

BBC’s latest, ridiculously good ‘Planet Earth II’ series is three episodes in, and Sigur Rós have now revealed the full, new version of their ‘Hoppípolla’ track, which soundtracks the show.

The song originally appeared on the original ‘Planet Earth’ series, from 2006. Streaming below, their new edit is an even more epic, percussion-filled twist on what came before. And it’s the perfect companion for watching an army of racer snakes speed towards a lonely sea iguana as it makes a fruitless approach for safe land. Or footage of capybaras. Nothing beats the capybaras.

“Sigur Rós are proud to be associated with Planet Earth II and its all-important mission to hold us rapt in understanding of, and respect for, this endlessly fascinating, utterly surprising and ultimately fragile place we are lucky enough to call home for a short while,” the band say in a statement.

‘Planet Earth II’ will debut on BBC America from 28th January.


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