Out now: William Doyle (aka East India Youth) releases instrumental album

Recorded over the summer in Brighton, proceeds from the album go to mental health charity Mind.

William Doyle (aka. East India Youth) has released a new instrumental album under his own name, with all proceeds going to mental health charity Mind.

‘The Dream Derealised’ was recorded during the summer in Brighton, and according to William, “focusing on creating them helped guide me through a difficult period of anxiety, panic and a regular dissociative feeling called derealisation.”

“This was made at a time when doing something creative in a quick and immediate fashion felt vital,” he adds, writing on his Bandcamp page, “and doing so helped carry me to a new place. I’m releasing them now as a cathartic measure, and as a message for others who may be going through difficult times themselves. What I told myself at the time, what I can tell you now: You are not in danger. You are not going insane. You are not alone.”

William Doyle released two albums under his moniker East India Youth before announcing the project was going on hiatus earlier this year.

Listen to his new instrumental project below.

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