Goodbye 2016: DIY’s Songs of the Year

From pure bangers to boundary-pushing gems, here’s a selection of 2016’s finest.

2016 had everything: shock election results; an increasing sense of apocalyptic doom; the bastardisation of Toblerones; the death of everyone we loved; Jamie Vardy’s ultimate party; someone stealing a cash machine at T in the Park; Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage having the world’s worst argument on the Thames; enough traumatising headlines to last us a lifetime.

But it wasn’t all bad! Honest! No, really!

Hundreds of amazing songs came out, some cementing the status of ace new bands, others arriving totally out of the blue. From pure bangers to boundary-pushing gems, we’ve rounded up the best of the year in one handy Spotify playlist. For anyone telling you 2016 was total shite, just send them this.

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