Surprise surprise: Of Montreal surprise release new EP ‘Rune Husk’

Photo: Chad Kamenshine

The four-track collection follows last year’s album ‘Innocence Reaches’.

Last year, Kevin Barnes and his Georgian psych-pop group of Montreal released their latest record ‘Innocence Reaches’. Fewer than six months later they’re back with a new collection of songs.

Their ‘Rune Husk’ EP was surprise-released over the weekend and is the first record to be launched on Kevin’s Sybaritic Peer label. It features four previously unreleased tracks: ‘Internecine Larks’, ‘Stag To The Stable’, ‘Widowsucking’ and ‘Island Life’.

‘Stag To The Stable’ is about as close as the band are ever likely to get to a “classic” rock song, but don’t worry if you want some of their classic, noisy and often bizarre take on alt-pop. ‘Windowsucking’ and ‘Island Life’ definitely bring that to the table.

Listen to ‘Rune Husk’ below via Spotify.


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