Real Estate - Darling

Real Estate - Darling

Pure loveliness - and a horse - from a band firmly in their stride

While your Grimes and Charli XCXs of this world are always on the hunt for the new, some artists can be relied on more as a safe pair of hands. Far from a bad thing, they’re the musical equivalent of a favourite pair of jeans: always there to make you feel comfortable and safe, perfect for the days when you’re not quite ready for the world to fuck you up too much.

Real Estate, with their dreamy guitar washes and soothing balmy vocals, are such a band. You know where you stand with Real Estate. It’s somewhere calm with nice views, surrounded by nature. And they’re largely unlikely to harsh the vibe by dropping a Fetty Wap verse in the middle of it.

And so ‘Darling’, the first offering from forthcoming album ‘In Mind’, mainly just sounds like a really very lovely Real Estate song. Which is a good thing. BUT, they’re also clever chaps. And so they’ve plonked a horse in the video, standing around butting the drums and neighing all through the harmonies to mix things up a bit. So there we go.

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