On air: Hear a snippet of new Real Estate track ‘Two Arrows’ on NPR

Martin Courtney talked about the track on ‘All Songs Considered’.

Real Estate’s Martin Courtney was the special guest on a new edition of NPR’s ‘All Songs Considered’ podcast recently.

As well as airing their latest single ‘Darling’, they also played a short instrumental snippet taken from ‘Two Arrows’. The whole track is a seven-minute cut from their new album ‘In Mind’ but the clip sounds a bit like some of The Beatles’ more psychedelic moments. There might be a reason for that though. Martin talked at length with host Bob Boilen about the band’s love of the Fab Four, and especially ‘Abbey Road’.

He said: “We’re always trying to recreate The Beatles, especially ‘Abbey Road’. I look at us as an album band, so we just thought it’d be kind of funny if we make that much of a reference to them. We even chopped the song off — it just stops cold. We just thought it’d be funny.” Apparently his daughter also became obsessed with ‘Abbey Road’ too. That kid has good taste.

Listen to Martin talking to Boilen on NPR below. ‘Two Arrows’ starts around the 15-minute mark.

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