Have You Heard? Superfood - Double Dutch

Superfood - Double Dutch

Leave your preconceptions at the door, Superfood mk II are here to knock your socks off.

If, like us, you were fans of Superfood in all their scrappy, flower-loving original glory, then you’ll understand that the following sentiments are in no way a sleight on the B-Towners’ former work. But that said, BLOODY HELL Superfood have upped the bar, and then some.

In a very strong early contender for Total 180 Degree Turn Of The Year (a new award that we have launched just now), ‘Double Dutch’ finds the group (now streamlined down to the core songwriting duo of Dom Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm) not so much improving, as returning as an entirely different proposition.

Centred around samples of American kids extolling the virtues of jump-rope, the first offering from Superfood mk II is a silky smooth thing, oozing dreamy, sun-bleached languor and filled with the kind of woozy synth beats that you’d sooner compare to Jai Paul than to Peace.

You know when The Horrors came back on album two and they were so good and so progressive that everyone basically forgot that the slightly cartoony kicks of ‘Strange House’ ever existed? Yeah, that thing.

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