Strang-er Things: Kane Strang means business with ‘Oh So You’re Off I See’

Newly signed to Dead Oceans, the New Zealander is amping up and plotting a new record.

‘Oh So You’re Off I See’ is one of two things; what you say to somebody when they exit a room unexpectedly, or the new song from Kane Strang. Newly signed to Dead Oceans (home to Mitski, Alex Lahey, and a load of other good’uns) the New Zealander is currently working on a new album, and this serves as a very promising first taster.

While Kane Strang’s previous release ‘Blue Cheese’ was recorded while house-sitting for his parents, ‘Oh So You’re Off I See’ is evidence of a proper beefing-up; teaming up with a band, and turning the amps up. A fuzzily chugging gem of a track, it collides chipper call-and-response vocals, and a hookier-than-that-pirate-from-Peter-Pan chorus.

In other words, very good indeed. Listen below, and check Kane Strang’s first ever tour dates outside of New Zealand here.

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